Flowerbox with 8 products slots.

  • Manufactured and assembled with Italian components.

  • Made in Italy upon ordination.

  • Can sell from 8 to 10 products.

  • Led lighting system.


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Flowerbox is the easiest flower vending machine to operate for florists and garden owners selling any size bouquets and gift ideas. This model can be placed in your shop windows facing the street or right outside as a second shop. In comparison with the Naturaè and Verdefioriè, this model is thinner, selling from 8 to 10 products.

Our clients use this system because they are able to sell directly to passersby, gaining these benefits:

·         Leveraging the impulse purchase with a visually strong displayer.

·         Fast shopping: clients can buy your products in less than 60 seconds.

·         Works 24/7, independently from your shop working hours.

·         Pricing: you clients know in advance how much they will be spending.

The best tool to sell to today consumers: they know what they want, they know how much they can spend and they are often in a rush.

Flowerbox is the easiest machine to use for everyone, requiring minimal maintenance from the owner.

Technical specification

  • Height: 1800 mm

  • Width: 1000 mm

  • Depth: 640 mm

  • Weight: 240kg

  • Power: 230V/ 50hz / 400W

Bio box 24h

Flowerbox is also available as Biobox: a configuration as fruit and vegetables vending machine.

Sales configuration

  • User instruction in local language.

  • Can have 4 to 5 shelves.

  • From 8 to 10 products.

  • Accepts all the main currencies.

  • Accepts credit cards with the optional credit card reader.

Automatique services

  • User manual.

  • Post sales assistance.